I don’t really care for purple. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate it or anything because, like people, all colours deserve respect. And also like people, colours change depending on who they are hanging out with but if I’m being honest purple has always left me feeling slightly uncomfortable. Yes it’s associated with royalty and wealth and sophistication, and admittedly, a field of lavender in Provence is a truly miraculous thing but I don’t know, it’s just not me. All the other colours have had their turn as my favourite. I have often gone as far as burgundy. And right round the other side to indigo. But purple, never.

Curiously however, several images that have pinched my ear to grab my attention lately have conspicuously included purple. And not only do they include purple,  it is the purple in the images calling my name.

Here is a random sample



So what does this mean? Of course I know what you are all thinking, it’s what I am thinking too. It means I have crossed some barrier, that there is no going back, that my youth is well and truly over.

Next stop here.


The talented and lovely fashion designer Beattie Lanser tried her best (more on Beattie some other time).


“Purple is a fantastic colour” she enthused, waving a fabulous, hand stitched purple velvet dress in my face. It was tempting to believe her. The dress WAS gorgeous. And she is a master at putting colours together. But I’m not sure if I should trust her, she is still in her 20’s after all.

Clearly more investigation is required. So perhaps in the name of research I should buy myself these Vivienne Westwood designed Melissa Shoes and take to the streets?

But as long as you are here, what do YOU think ? Purple, fabulous or frumpy?


That got your attention!

For the second time this year I have managed to lose almost everything on my ipod (don’t ask me how, my ipod and I don’t get along). The first time I lost 2500 songs and was left with several hours worth of Famous Five audiobooks (Enid Blyton’s a whole different experience as an adult believe me) and this time all that survived was Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

So! Having travelled through the Nick Cave wormhole (and surprisingly enough emerging with a smile on my face thanks to Breathless), I began a Nick Cave inspired interior. Some peeps over on Facebook noticed me pinning and got curious so here it is, it’s not finished yet, it needs some glitter somewhere, and some curtains, and some other stuff, but it has potential…..

Click on Nick, he’s impressed!



Neck of the Woods pop up shop inside my studio. 81 Dickson Ave Artarmon. Pop on in!



I have started contemplating dark interiors for a retail project and I tells ya I am being won over. Check these pics out.


via Atalier Ahern (4,5,6) and unsourced Tumblr posts

Here, I even found a funky black kids room

via Domino Magazine


I think that these rooms are sexy and dramatic and the walls do incredible things to the other colours in the rooms. Plus, they remind me of licorice. A little known fact is that I suffer from a serious licorice addiction (the regular type, not the wacked out Scandinavian salty type. I’ll pay their design aesthetic but not their taste in salty “sweets”).



And here is Mr Darcy himself. Doesn’t get more romantic AND sexy than Mr Darcy and he is clearly thinking “If only these walls were charcoal grey.”


Ummm, I am possibly pushing my luck relevance wise here, but I can easily imagine Johnny is about to get stuck into some serious dark shadow decorating (geddit?)*. Or is it just me?


In any case, in the next few weeks I will paint my studio black so watch this space!

* Johnny Depp is currently filming the next Tim Burton film “Dark Shadows”

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A friend asked me recently to describe my dream house but I couldn’t do it because being such a deep and complex person (he he- read fickle, moody so and so) asking me to choose one style or one house is just impossible, in fact it’s cruel.

A small small small part of me likes this


(photos by Trevor Tondo)

But that is the part of me that believes in romantic love and fairies, the part I beat regularly and send to it’s room under the stairs.


Mostly I would like to live in Abigail Ahern’s house in London.

(photo Todd Selby)

Minus the dog. See more here


And then again, part of me is pure scandi. Ahh the serenity!



Some days it’s rustic farmhouses on Mediterranean islands like this one.

(images by A. Bachella)


And other days I wish I lived in a pop art loft in New York.


But today I am feeling fragile. And the traffic is getting to me. So today I wish I lived here