I have started contemplating dark interiors for a retail project and I tells ya I am being won over. Check these pics out.


via Atalier Ahern (4,5,6) and unsourced Tumblr posts

Here, I even found a funky black kids room

via Domino Magazine


I think that these rooms are sexy and dramatic and the walls do incredible things to the other colours in the rooms. Plus, they remind me of licorice. A little known fact is that I suffer from a serious licorice addiction (the regular type, not the wacked out Scandinavian salty type. I’ll pay their design aesthetic but not their taste in salty “sweets”).



And here is Mr Darcy himself. Doesn’t get more romantic AND sexy than Mr Darcy and he is clearly thinking “If only these walls were charcoal grey.”


Ummm, I am possibly pushing my luck relevance wise here, but I can easily imagine Johnny is about to get stuck into some serious dark shadow decorating (geddit?)*. Or is it just me?


In any case, in the next few weeks I will paint my studio black so watch this space!

* Johnny Depp is currently filming the next Tim Burton film “Dark Shadows”

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5 Responses to Come over to the dark side my pretties…

  1. Becky Watson says:

    I love this dark side feature! Who else but Kirsten could link Johnny Depp and Colin Firth into interior design. You’re MY kind of design consultant!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m sure if you could just get Colin and Johnny into a dark room with you, Kirsten, you could talk paint colour for hours…… Not sure that’s what I’D do if I could get Colin and Johnny into a dark room, but each to their own!

  3. Ronnie says:

    “If only these walls were charcoal grey.” – That made me LOL!
    Your blog is great, Kirsten, can’t believe I’ve never stumbled across it before. Love your sense of humour as well as all the inspiring pics you post! I live in Sydney (northern beaches in fact) – so must visit your showroom sometime.
    Ronnie xo

    • Kirsten says:

      Thank you Ronnie!
      Come and visit me on (or after) Saturday (31st) because there is a new launch at Murobond and a new look for the studio. It is going to be super girly and pretty for a few months.
      Take Care. K