A friend asked me recently to describe my dream house but I couldn’t do it because being such a deep and complex person (he he- read fickle, moody so and so) asking me to choose one style or one house is just impossible, in fact it’s cruel.

A small small small part of me likes this


(photos by Trevor Tondo)

But that is the part of me that believes in romantic love and fairies, the part I beat regularly and send to it’s room under the stairs.


Mostly I would like to live in Abigail Ahern’s house in London.

(photo Todd Selby)

Minus the dog. See more here


And then again, part of me is pure scandi. Ahh the serenity!



Some days it’s rustic farmhouses on Mediterranean islands like this one.

(images by A. Bachella)


And other days I wish I lived in a pop art loft in New York.


But today I am feeling fragile. And the traffic is getting to me. So today I wish I lived here


3 Responses to Where I wish I lived today.

  1. Renee says:

    Your house will be an eclectic mix – with several bedrooms for whatever takes your fancy. Can’t wait to see it. And your newly fashioned cot is magic. Well done.

  2. Becky Watson says:

    I agree, your house could reflect the many varied styles, so u can move from space to space and feed whatever desires you have. A part of me loves all these styles too. Who says a dwelling can only be one type anyway?! The last couple of pics are powerful. Love your writing style. Honest and refreshing.